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FigLeaf Brewing hosts 5th anniversary celebration on October 9th with special releases

MIDDLETOWN - FigLeaf Brewing in Middletown, Ohio is celebrating 5 years in operation on October 9th from noon to midnight with a halloween costume party complete with a costume contest, special beer releases, a bourbon release and live music.

Special releases include an Irish Coffee Ponderous Porter, Peanut Butter Amber Ale and a special Imperial version of their Blackberry Breeze Seltzer. In addition Cincinnati Distilling will be launching their latest gold medal Stout Cask Bourbon that was aged in gold medal winning FigLeaf Black Solstice Imperial Stout Barrels.

“Being able to marry two of our biggest medal winning products is absolutely unreal,” Josh Engel, FigLeaf / Cincinnati Distilling spokesperson said. “When we put our bourbon into those FigLeaf casks we had no idea we were going to pull a medal for it at the US Open a year later. Now we have a gold medal bourbon finished in gold medal stout barrels. It’s going to be a huge hit.”

If you want to participate in the costume contest, participants will be welcomed on stage at 6:45pm, voting will occur from then until 8pm and the winners will be announced at 8:30pm. There’s a single costume category and couples/group costumes category.

The night will be capped off with live music by Short and Company starting at 7pm.

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