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March First Brands releases Phantasm, the first locally produced ranch water in the Cincinnati area

CINCINNATI - From the makers of the region’s most successful craft hard seltzer brand, Astra, comes a new seltzer, Phantasm Ranch Water. What is ranch water you may ask? It’s not what you might think it is. It’s a drink that got its start on the Texas/Mexico border where ranch hands, hunters and workers would fill canteens full of ice and tequila to drink throughout the day. It would melt as the day got hotter and created a completely new drinking experience. They began to put lemon and lime into their canteens to flavor the watered down tequila. Fans of the drink would then start to ask for tequila, water, and citrus at local bars and thus,  ranch water was born.

Phantasm is a cocktail inspired ranch water seltzer that comes in 4 flavors: Peach Sunrise, Margarita, Paloma and Passion Fruit Margarita. They are flavor forward with a hint of sweetness that comes from agave. They will be available in 6 packs of 12oz slim cans in the March First Brewing taproom at 7885 E. Kemper Rd right now. 12 pack variety packs will soon follow and you’ll see them in local beer stores including Kroger in the spring.

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