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March First Brewing hosts a mini winter version of Seltzer Smash, Cincinnati’s biggest celebration of hard seltzers!

CINCINNATI - Seltzer Smash is Cincinnati’s biggest celebration of hard seltzers, but it’s usually in July. The people at March First Brewing and Astra Hard Seltzer ask “why wait?” You can try 8 never before seen flavors of Astra and some old favorites you haven’t seen in a while at Seltzer Smash: Winter Edition! Special flavors include Pineapple Mule, Cosmic Brownie, Root Beer Float, Wild Berry, Green Apple, Painkiller, Strawberry Banana and Raspberry Lemonade. Astra Hard Seltzer is Cincinnati’s biggest and most successful hard seltzer brand that focuses on flavor forward seltzers that people actually want to drink.

The event will take place at their original location at 7885 E Kemper Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45249 on Sunday, Feb 18th. Doors open at 11:30am and the taproom closes at 10:00pm. It’s $30 for a souvenir cup and 10 samples. The brewery will also be serving up their normal craft beer and cocktail menu as well so if you’re not a seltzer drinker you need not worry.

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