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Sycamore Distilling Launches Ready-to-Drink Canned Cocktails and RedSky Gin

CINCINNATI - Right in time for summer Sycamore Distilling has launched their line of ready-to-drink canned cocktails. The initial line will include one cocktail featuring each of their spirits brands. The cans include Sycamore Bourbon and Cola, Voltage Vodka Electric Mule, and Cooper Island Markoe Bay Mojito. These ready-to-drink or “RTD” cocktails are made with the same genuine Sycamore spirits you can buy at liquor agencies around Ohio.

“A lot of the RTD cocktails you are seeing pop up in the market nowadays are basically seltzers or seltzer like cocktails that are going for the popularity of the category” Sycamore Distilling spokesperson Josh Engel said. “Our RTD cocktails are the authentic cocktails we serve in our taprooms, using our handcrafted spirits and only the best ingredients. Sure, you can drink them from the can, but they can also be poured over ice into a “to-go” cup or in a glass just as we would serve them over our bars.”

All three Sycamore Distilling RTDs retail for $13.99 for a four pack and will be 8% abv. Sycamore Distilling will be listening to your feedback to help decide what we will include the next wave of our RTD cocktails.

In addition to launching RTD cocktails Sycamore Distilling is excited to introduce its long anticipated RedSky Gin. RedSky has been painstakingly developed over three years. “Our team has been doing test batches in between our packed brewing and distilling schedule” Josh Engel said. “We finally refined a recipe we were really proud of and decided to take it full scale.” RedSky Gin is made with a special blend of juniper berry, angelica root, caraway and coriander. It clocks in at 80 proof and features a street layout of Cincinnati on the label paying homage to our hometown.”

In celebration of the release both March First Brewing in Sycamore Twp and FigLeaf Brewing in Middletown will be doing weekly RedSky Gin cocktail of the week specials through August.

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