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Voltage Vodka and Doscher’s Candies release their Peppermint Schnapps for the holiday season

CINCINNATI - Sycamore Distilling’s vodka brand, Voltage Vodka, and Doscher’s Candies have teamed up once again bringing back their popular peppermint schnapps again for a second year. This 100 proof peppermint schnapps is made with the same peppermint oil that Doscher’s has been using in their candy canes for almost 150 years.

“We brought in a variety of peppermint schnapps products last year for research when we were developing our recipe” Josh Engel, Voltage Vodka spokesperson said. “None of them compared to what we came up with and we think that’s due to the natural essence that the oil from Doscher’s provides to the spirit. It’s smooth, approachable, and has a classic peppermint punch perfect for the holidays.”

“We were very happy to do this collaboration last year because we honestly wanted some bottles to try ourselves” Doscher’s spokesperson Greg Clark jokingly said. “The response to the schnapps was so positively overwhelming last year. People came in from everywhere to buy our candy canes and wanted a bottle too, but sadly we can’t sell it here. It’s been the best collaboration we’ve ever done.”

Last year Voltage only sold the peppermint schnapps out of the March First Brewing taproom and sold out in a month and a half. This year Voltage has doubled production, designed a new bottle that resembles a Christmas ornament, and will have bottles in select state liquor agencies and the March First Brewing taproom. Getting your hands on a bottle should be pretty easy.

The Voltage / Doscher’s Peppermint Schnapps will release Thursday October 17 at March First Brewing starting at 4pm. You will see bottles in state liquor agencies in a few weeks. Bottles are $23.99 + tax.

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